Arlo is here

It seems I have a new friend, though I haven’t met him yet: Arlo Bay Bolles. Here’s a little thing about him in our local weekly Seven Days (which happens to mention me, too!):

And finally, we’re going to end on a slightly unusual note, because, well, it’s been an unusual week. It gives me great pleasure to announce that this past weekend, I became an uncle for the first time, as my li’l bro Tyler and his lovely wife, Kate, gave birth to their first child, Arlo Bay Bolles. If you smoke cigars, now would be the time to light one up.

Before you get your diapers in a twist about me using this column to boast about personal stuff, let me say this. One, this is a local music column, and Tyler is a local musician. Two, the precedent was set long before I arrived for using this space to make musician-ly wedding, birth and, occasionally, death announcements. And three, if you had a weekly column and just became an uncle, wouldn’t you want to write about it? Yes, you would.

Furthermore, were I a betting man, I’d wager that whoever is occupying this chair 20 years from now will be writing about Arlo’s musical exploits — likely with Magny Olsen and a Cleary or three. Call it a hunch. So I think it’s only fitting that I be the one to give the lad his first ink in Seven Days. And also that I bestow upon him his first hip-hop name: R-Lo.

It’s not the first time they’ve mentioned me:

The jury is still out on Magny Olsen — the then-newborn daughter of Swale’s Amanda Gustafson and Eric Olsen — delivering the word from evil through the power of song. But the kid isn’t even a year old yet. Time will tell.

They even mentioned me before I was born:

A prophecy found hidden in newly discovered chapters of the Bible tells of a child of unimaginable musical might who will lead the world to salvation, battling the forces of evil through the power of her songs. A few weeks later, Swale’s Amanda Gustafson and Eric Olsen give birth to a child with a strange birthmark on her inner right arm. The mark resembles a Gibson SG.

I rock, evidently.

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